Birthday Gifts

We’ve all been there. Your child’s birthday party ends, and you’re staring at a pile of boxes holding random games, crafts and lego kits.

Many thoughts go through your head:

“Can I hide some of these in the attic and re-gift them to him later?”

“Does he really need all of this?”

“Where are we going to put these?”

“Can I convince him to donate these to a toy drive?”

Why not try to convince your child to have donations made to the EFLS in lieu of receiving gifts? Helping children learn the lesson of contributing to the greater good at a young age isn’t easy. Making the connection to his classroom and the Smartboards and Senseos he loves may make it easier. If interested, download this template that you can include invitations to your next party.

Party Favors

Another idea is to make a small donation in your child’s name to the EFLS instead of party bags. The more your child and his friends understand the work the EFLS does, the more they can take part in helping to raise money for better learning experiences through technology. Click here for an easy card to pass out at the end of the party.

Hostess Gifts

And lastly, we have hostess gifts at our ‘adult’ parties. Do we really need another bottle of wine? (DON’T ANSWER THAT QUESTION! 😉

When sending out your next evite, consider asking guests to make an EFLS donation instead of gifting you another bottle of wine (or encourage them to bring both?!).

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