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At MPS, STEM Class Is An Exciting Place To Be

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In STEM at Markham Place School, students are enthusiastically delving into the processes of invention, design and engineering; they are learning exactly what goes into a product that will take it from an idea to a consumer good!
The 5th grade “survived” being “stranded” on a desert island by building hurricane proof huts, bridges to obtain food, trebuchets to defend against pirates and finally a raft to get off the island!


Now the 5th grade tackles making scale models of famous monuments like the Pyramids of Giza and The Taj Mahal.

The 6th grade had a record number of eggs surviving the egg drop with three containers making it to the “roof top” level and one out of those three having their egg survive even the drop from the roof (thank you custodians Mr. Nick and Mr. Will!).

The 6th grade is now creating gliders that will resist drag and gravity in order to fly the farthest and the fastest. The gliders are very creative and each uses biomimicry-copying the shape and size of a particular birds’ wing-to achieve their desired results.

The 7th grade  succeeded in creating “crush-proof” potato chip containers that were mailed to Mrs. Whittle’s STEM class at Point Road. The PRS students took video of their class opening the containers and evaluating whether the chips survived…many did!

Currently, the 7th grade is creating high-tech spacesuits to allow astronauts to explore Mars with more freedom and for longer times. Some of their innovations are truly unique such as: rotating drink and food choices to replace the bland “food stick” most astronauts have to eat while in the field and a Segway type pod that an astronaut can ride in while exploring terrain.

The 8th grade is diving into product creation. They had to choose to create either a new cell phone case or a new athletic shoe. Some of their designs are products I wish were on the market today such as: phone cases that come when called (good-bye lost phones!) and athletic shoes that “sense” when your foot grows and uses bioplastic material to grow with your foot (no more kids growing out of shoes in a month’s time!). Some of the students are using the 3D pens to enhance the design of their product.

All in all, the STEM classes are having a great time while also learning about physics, math, space travel, engineering, product creation and innovation.

Mrs. Hannah, STEM Teacher, Markham Place School

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