Why is the EFLS necessary?  Don’t tax dollars cover our school’s technology needs?

Increased use of technology in the classroom has required the district to focus the vast majority of its technology budget on “behind the scenes” expenditures, such as infrastructure.  For the 2015-2016 school year, the district will rely on the EFLS for the purchase of new chromebooks and other “visible” technology.  Clearly, the funds raised by the EFLS are essential to the maintenance and growth of our schools’ technological resources.

How much is typically raised in any given year?

The amount raised by the EFLS varies from year to year – typically trending upwards.  In 2015-2016, the EFLS raised over $100,000, which was up from the prior year’s contributions of $85,000.

Who determines how the funds raised are distributed within the school system?

Funds are distributed to the schools through a grant process, by which LS teachers and departments can request specific resources to meet their classroom needs.  EFLS Board members have direct oversight of this process, working closely with the school administration to ensure that contributions compliment the school system’s curriculum strategy.  Ultimately, the EFLS Board has the final say in how funds are allocated.

What and when are this years’ fundraising events?

The EFLS hosted its major fundraising event, “Happy 21st Birthday EFLS!”, on Friday, March 4, 2015 at Ocean Place.  The evening was a huge success and great fun for all who attended.  Through the support of sponsors and parent community, the EFLS raised more than $100,000 for Little Silver Schools.

The next “Big Event” is scheduled for March 2017…Location TBD.  Keep your eyes peeled for details soon!

How can I get involved?

Please consider giving your time and your talents to the EFLS Team for our future efforts! We take all comers, at all levels of involvement, so please contact Kris Kennedy Scuorzo @ Kriskennedyscuorzo@comcast.net for more information or fill out the form below.

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